GTA 6 APK Download: GTA 5 Mobile APK – GTA VI Android & iOS Free Download


GTA 6 APK Download V2.2: GTA 6 Mobile APK – GTA VI Android & iOS Free Download

Offered ByRockstar Games
Latest Version2.2
Package Namecom.p00ttatt08.test
Requires5 and Up
Last Updatedtoday
Installations50 Million +
Rated4.5 Star 52.8L Reviews
Size16.5 MB

So, guys, are you ready for the most awaited video game of the current generation? Is it taking longer to launch its official version? Are you so curious about the game that it becomes more challenging to wait anymore? If yes, then you have landed in the right vicinity. After several successful series of the famous Grand Theft Auto, we finally have the sixth version of the game: GTA 6 APK. Though the official version of the game has not been released yet, you can enjoy this modded version even before its official release.

GTA has been the favourite game of a huge majority since 2001. All its series are super hits. If you have played any series, you would be familiar with the game and its features. Just imagine how fantastic the game could be, as that is even superior to GTA 5. With many improvements and the upgradation of the gameplay, this latest version has become unmatchable. In the article below, let us see what changes have been made and how this latest mod is more fruitful.

Explore More About GTA 6 APK

Grand Theft Auto Six, also known as GTA 6 APK, is the latest version of the famous Grand Theft Auto that has not been released officially. This latest version from Rockstar is no less than a revolution in the genre. Even before the release of its official version, this series had already become a centre of attraction for millions of players worldwide. This APK serves the players with the most beautiful open world. You can experience the taste of the game with this mod before anyone else. 

This latest version has expanded the open world from Los Santos to several other cities. You can also travel to many other cities in GTA 6 APK besides Los Santos. Vice City, San Andreas, Liberty City, and a few more well-known cities have been included where you can freely travel. The fun and excitement of playing the game is more than doubled with the expanded world, full of adventure and wandering aspects. Moreover, the realistic aspect of the game has also been increased. 

Grand Theft Auto 6 APK is completely compatible with mobile devices. The game can be played on all cellular gadgets like Android, Xbox, iOS, or iPads. Furthermore, PCs and consoles can also be used to tug the fun and excitement of the sport to the following degree. This compatibility of the sport with all styles of devices also makes it the primary contender amongst all the previous collections. In addition, the rich story and first-class graphics make the experience unforgettable. 

GTA 6 for Android Gameplay

GTA 6 2.0 APK has emerged as a reaction to the fact that Rockstar has less chance to release the 6th series of Grand Theft Auto. Examining the emotions and feelings of players associated with the game, we decided to develop a modified version and ended our journey with GTA 6 APK. It is an open game for all those who expected more from the previous series. We have tried our level best to fulfil the expectations of the players by improving all those aspects where there was a gap for improvement. 

One of the top challenges that the builders of this mod confronted changed to make the game quicker, smoother, and extra compact, even after increasing the quality of its images and all the other aspects. To overcome this challenge, a particular port version has been introduced in the game that can manage everything perfectly. It best assists the players in enjoying all the game’s missions with only a little available space without facing any trouble or inconvenience. 

Another important aspect, without mentioning that the article would be incomplete, is the use of unique algorithms. The use of unique algorithms in GTA 6 APK has made it possible to keep the size of this advanced version the same as the previous versions of Grand Theft Auto, even after introducing several additional features and making the gameplay broader. It makes it possible that when a player plays a mission, the game loads only those files associated with that specific mission. 


GTA 6 Release Date

As noted in the article, the game has no longer been released. Also, there may be no specific predicted date for the sport to be launched using Rockstar. However, we anticipate the game to be released somewhere in 2024. It is the handiest bet, as no official statement has been made yet. But you do not need to be involved, as you can now Download GTA 6 APK with OBB.

Features of the Game

You may be aware of the features the GTA series offers, but you will come across several features in this mod that are new to you. The game has almost been re-invented by improving the features:

Download GTA 6 for Android APK and Win Prizes and Rewards

The possibility for prizes and rewards is one of the best aspects of this game that wasn’t in GTA 5 or any other version. You will now be able to earn money while you play this video game. The GTA 6 game offers up to $150 rewards for its new users. So, without wasting time playing other games, you must download this Mod version of GTA and enjoy playing the game and earn money.

Expanded Cities

The number of cities has increased significantly in this advanced game. Moving ahead from the cities of Los Santos and San Andreas, multiple more cities have been included in the game. With the inclusion of many world-famous cities, you have been free to move around the world freely. Liberty City and Vice City are two examples of large cities newly included in this mod version of the game.

New Vehicles and Weapons

You will discover a wide variety of the latest cars and weapons in the game. A wide variety of recent models of cars have come to the marketplace. This mod version of the GTA game offers vehicles with new models. The speed and accuracy of the previous vehicles have also been increased. As far as weapons of the game are concerned, they are also increased to a wide range. Apart from including new weapons, the previous weapons have also become more dangerous and destructive than ever. 

Advance Graphics of GTA 6 APK

You are indeed familiar with the graphics of the Grand Theft Series if you have played any of the series. Imagine playing the game with better graphics than GTA 5. It sounds like a wow! The graphics are of such high quality that you would never believe the words until you do not play the game by yourself. GTA 5 APK is of the highest quality of its genre due to its highest graphics quality. 

New and Innovative Technology

As technology increases daily, it is crucial to live updated. With the improvement of the latest technologies, antique video games appear dull and insignificant; it would not depend on how proper they have been of their time. The same is the case with Grand Theft Auto. Although the game is outstanding, there has always been a gap for improvement due to the latest technology. To eliminate this gap in the game, you must download GTA 6 APK OBB and enjoy playing the best and latest version of the game.

Exciting Missions of GTA 6

GTA games are famous for their exciting missions and storylines. Most of the GTA game series players love how these missions are designed. Similarly, in this latest GTA series, many new and exciting missions are available for the players to compete and enjoy. This game provides diverse missions, including mind games, action missions, and simulations. Altogether, these exciting missions of the GTA game provide the user with the best and most exciting gameplay experience.

GTA 6 Mod APK Cheats and Hacks

You must be familiar with the GTA game’s cheats and hacks if you play it frequently. The features not available in the normal version of the GTA 6 can be unlocked with the help of these cheats and hacks. Here are a few of these cheats:

  • Max Health and Armor: When this cheat is applied to the GTA game, you will get maximum health and armor. This will help you when you are fighting with your enemies as you become immortal with this cheat. The code of this cheat is “CIRCLE.”
  • Super Jump: With this cheat of the GTA, you will be able to perform long jumps and travel long distances within a short time. To activate this cheat, type “TRIANGLE” from your keyboard.
  • Bang Bang: When you apply this GTA 6 Mod APK hack, everything in your surroundings will explode. With this cheat of the game, you can create a very drastic scene. To apply this cheat, you must type “RIGHT.”

These are some of the cheats and hacks of the GTA 6 game. You will learn about more cheats when playing the GTA 6 game. Similarly, you can also play the game without using these, as using them or not is your choice.

GTA 6 Multiplayer Game Mode

The multiplayer option in this GTA 6 game is one of its most exciting features. The multiplayer feature of Grand Theft Auto was included in this version, unlike previous versions that lacked such features. The best players for this game form are those who wish to play with friends. The multiplayer mode in this game may be used on a single PC, so you don’t need to connect to the internet to use it.


Latest Enhancements

  • A much richer mission system
  • A much better and attractive environment
  • Addition of new vehicles and weapons
  • The online mode of the game is much improved than ever.
  • Introduction of several new characters with new skills and abilities
  • Addition of some of the world’s most famous and big cities
  • Prizes are as big as $150-200
  • Customization 
  • Real and lifelike animations
  • Side quests 

Pros and Cons of GTA 6 Mobile Online


  • One of the most significant advantages of GTA 6 APK is that you do not need to wait for the official version to be released, as you can start playing your favorite game right from now onwards.
  • Enjoy the most impressive graphics, lifelike animations, and a wide world to move freely.
  • It has the most impressive plot with a complete story and rich missions.
  • Unlike the online mode, offline mode is also the best in the business.


  • As the game is very advanced and enriched with the latest technology, it needs a high configuration that is impossible on all devices.
  • Due to huge content, GTA 6 trailer may not run properly on normal devices.
  • Requires high-speed internet when playing the game online.
  • The complex graphics of the game make optimization hard.

How to Download GTA 6 Mobile APK

If you are confused about a way to download this mod to your mobile cellphone, then follow those steps:

  • Click the link download button to download the game for your Mobile Phone. You must be sure that you are connecting your device to the Internet.

  • Once the Downloaded is complete on your phone, you want to turn on the third-party app installation permission for your device.

  • After the second process, the OBB and data files will be downloaded on your phone. Now you can enjoy the game.


GTA 6 APK is the most awaited series of Grand Theft Auto that is still to be released officially. Considering the curiosity of the game among the players, developers have found a way to make the game available for them even before the time, in the form of GTA 6 Mod APK. In this mode, they have tried their level best to fill all the gaps and meet all the expectations of the young generation. Using the latest technology and algorithms, the level of this new game touches the sky.

The most awaited game of the genre is finally here in the form of GTA 6 APK. You cannot escape this precious game if you are a GTA lover. The game’s greatness can be evident from the fact that it has already become a brand even before the release of its official version. So don’t be late and be one of the first luckiest players to be amazed at this marvelous game.